Layers of Pink is the musical brainstorm of creator & frontwoman, Pinky, exploring feminism, sexuality, love & social culture. Each release is an expression of her different shades, or personalities, told through pop structures, genre-hopping tendencies, & unfiltered poetric lyrics. Fans often compare LOP to the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, & Gwen Steffani.  

Long Bio

Pinky grew up a sweet, curious girl in the heart of America, passing time unbuckling the clasps of a Midwestern Bible Belt and rehearsing her inventory of feelings on any welcoming stage-----from the theater, to coffee shops, to churches & bars.


Front-woman & creator, Mackenzie Fox aka "Pinky", has spent the last 19 years performing, beginning her singer-songwriter career at the age of fifteen. Coming from a line of gospel artists, Mackenzie spent her childhood studying music, vocals, & songwriting, leading her on to write & record music for various independent films & tv shows & release a solo acoustic EP in 2013. In college, Pinky began writing her own stories, poems & blogs, inspiring her to later create the popcentric project, Layers of Pink. 


Mackenzie has performed 350+ shows, acoustic & full band, & has toured her music in 12 states as of 2018.

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